SOLEKS company is the holder of the following certificates that are needed in providing transport services
- The Certificate of Professional Competence in the International Road Haulage of Goods,
- The License for the International Carriage of Goods by Road
- TIR (HVG) Carnets,
- Road Carrier’s Civil Liability Insurance

Our trucks are suitable to transport both neutral and frozen loads. They meet the most recent ecological standards.

We are in the possession of DAF trucks with trailers

SHWARZMULLER freezer trailer
– load area width: 2.46 m
– load area height: 2.58 m
– load area length: 13.39 m
– load area capacity: 91.5 m3

SCHMITZ CARGOBULL freezer trailer
– load area width: 2.47 m
– load area height: 2.65 m
– load area length: 13.36 m
– load area capacity: 85 m3

SCHMITZ tilt trailer
– load area width: 2.48 m
– load area height: 2.78 m
– load area length: 13.64 m
– load area capacity: 90-95 m3