SOLEKS was established in 1991. Our major activities include production and commercial trade of qualified seed and consumption potatoes. We offer a comprehensive range of qualified seed potatoes. The seed production is currently carried out on an area of about 50 ha and is controlled by the official government agencies. All our crops are inspected and certified regularly by the Main Inspectorate of Plant Health And Seed Inspection to be disease free and thus remain in accordance with the EU regulations. Healthy and efficient seed potatoes are the basis of quality potato production. Our offer ranges from our own grown seed potatoes to those offered by the most renowned agricultural companies. Every year we add some new varieties to our range.

SOLEKS is also engaged in field experiments on some potato varieties conducted on its premises. These research studies are supervised by the Natural Sciences Department of the University of

Natural Sciences and Humanities in Siedlce.

We hope that our offer suits your needs and we invite you to cooperate with us.

We also offer agricultural procurement contracts to those who are interested in cooperation with our company. We also offer independent advice on agronomy including both technical and commercial information.

We also offer mineral fertilizers.